You Only Get Busier


I have my whole life ahead of me, yet so little time at my disposal. What is this?

I have so many goals or things that I would love to do sometime or accomplish. Like, I have ideas for blog posts or songs that I would like to cover. Or sometimes I consider making video blogs–Hello YouTubers! 😉

But I don’t have time for most of it. I don’t even have time to write about all the blog ideas I have. I hope I’ll be able to work on my blog after I graduate, but there’s this guy at my church who always says, “you are so busy now, right?” I squint my eyes suspiciously and respond, “…yes?” And then he says, smiling, “it gets worse after you graduate.” He always says it so matter-of-factly, which a joyful nonchalance. Great.  So no relief?

Nah, he didn’t mean it that way. I think he just finds it amusing that we find this exhausting. Which it is!–we have to make a world quest adventure to get to church every Sunday. It leaves us so devastatingly weary when we reach the pews that we (with all the might of our eyelids) wait upon the Lord to mount us up on wings like eagles just to hear the preaching.

But the other college students and I, we still have hope. The name of our church is Living Hope after all. Our hope is not necessarily for relief, but for life itself. For example, that guy is so involved with our church. And I admire it so much. I miss the days in high school where I had timmmme. Time where I actually wanted to be used. I wish I had had my church back then to pour so much of myself into… but I didn’t. And now that I do have my church, I have so little time. But I try my best, and I do what I can.

But after I graduate–ahhh… so many immediate goals.

  • First, I would like to begin work on my blog. So look out May! I’ll probably be posting more.
  • I would like to spend more time at my church and with my church family.
  • But I may also be working more to save money before Japan.

I’m not sure if all that will work or how, but I think it will. God will make a way. That’s all I need.

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