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Strangers Watching

If we weren’t human And we were sitting outside of ourselves staring, Invisible through the windows of a cafe, We, humans--we would appear exquisite to the non-sapiens we were. We’d seem captivating with our long hair of a bright coral color, Or our fluffy and tight curls of brown. We’d seem vibrant, so creative, so… Continue reading Strangers Watching


Pursue My Dreams

This week has been up and down, in my opinion. The bad things are that my personal routine and spiritual discipline goals are still not quite where I would like to see them. But when I thought about it, I realized that my standards for myself are pretty high. It’s all about perspective… I have… Continue reading Pursue My Dreams

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Born with Sickle Cell Disease

Last September, my brother underwent a trial treatment at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago to expel his Sickle Cell Disease blood from his body. How do they do that? you ask. Well, they find a match and exchange that person's blood cells for his own. Pretty simple. They flush his body with the new blood, and… Continue reading Born with Sickle Cell Disease

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Fast-Forward Dynasties

Do you remember when Lucy had returned to her brothers and sister from Narnia, but no time had passed at all? Time passed so slowly in Narnia in comparison, or barely at all. In a way, I felt like that as I was reading through the Old Testament a second time. I have read most of the… Continue reading Fast-Forward Dynasties

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Love Oneself

To love oneself Is to be humble, And to be wise. To be understanding And a blessing to other lives. It doesn't need to compare. Because it knows you are greatly valued, Understands you are treasured, And sees that you matter— Not just to someone, but for so many. To love oneself is to know simply Why… Continue reading Love Oneself