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I had never imagined sirens to be a male creatures until I overheard a song playing one day at work. The mythical creatures were always depicted as female beings that would lure sailors to sail into rocky waters with the distraction of their beautiful song. But the male singer’s voice had the same captivating grasp… Continue reading Sirens

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I don’t like you because you’re perfect. You have issues with commitment and being consistent. And staying true, although I know you Want a family one day. But we’re only getting older babe. And you'll find yourself alone, if you keep living that way. But I don't like you because you're perfect. You have this thing… Continue reading Perfect

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My Namesake (cont’d)

“Whuddabout the othuh name?” I asked. “Whea you git Oshea from?” “I got it from this music artist I used tuh like,” my dad answered, again with little explanation. I thought through the old-school artists I knew my dad listened to, but the name Oshea did not jog my memory of late-80’s/early-90’s hip hop and… Continue reading My Namesake (cont’d)