All, Favorites, Poems

Strangers Watching

If we weren’t human
And we were sitting outside of ourselves staring,
Invisible through the windows of a cafe,
We, humans–we would appear exquisite to the non-sapiens we were.
We’d seem captivating with our long hair of a bright coral color,
Or our fluffy and tight curls of brown.
We’d seem vibrant, so creative, so brave, so alive!
All in our own worlds with different styles and different words.
He wears purple; she likes green.
She is elegant–rigid and controlled.
Or he is an athlete, relaxed yet aware.
This gentleman is the mechanic and the fixer.
But the young lady, she moves and she feels–she’s a dancer.
And we would watch and understand and know all their stories.
We would desire the assortment of jackets and glasses, boots, clothes and shoes in masses.
We would enjoy the bob of white whiskers here and the long beards there.
How do they feel? Such strange, bristled face-hair?
We would crave touch; we’d crave smiles; we’d crave love…
And it’s too bad we’ve learned to create walls between us.
Because any onlooker would long to be us.


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