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To Dream
I often like to learn in the background, observe, not engage. I like to see the big scene, notice and absorb things. Then I like to ask questions—Why? Who? What did he do that for? Then sometimes I like to think, but mostly, I like to dream.

How to Move A Mountain
It only takes a second to get angry and go mad. When something strikes a chord and threatens your values—your heart, your life, your core. But winning an argument is only fighting back, which has never moved anyone. But rivers and waters overflowing have changed the character of even the grandest and greatest rock formations. Because powerful love, that never gives up, can move even mountain ranges.

The Queens~
We all wonder how she does it. She wakes up immaculate. Her large eyes sparkle; her long eyelashes welcoming. Her widest smile is captivating, and yet, she’s modest. She’s simply normal. She’s simply lovely. She’s simply human, and that’s precisely what traps you in.

About the Stars
Well, would it be harder to create the stars? Or to know them all and call them by name?

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