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A Thousand Moments Like Those


We may never have a moment where we just chill.
no need to say anything.
we sit and not speak,
where we’ll sit and just think.
with no words needed.
they will remain unspoken.
and thought
is our token.

I’d like it better if we, just, relax,
because we don’t have to try.
I’ll know what you mean, just because
you and I
stay in sync.
our minds on one wavelength.

but we may never have that moment
where we chill and just think.
we discuss life philosophically and politically or economically and religiously.
no arguments. just talking, just listening. it’s calming.

we may never have a moment of boredom.
a moment that friends fill with silly antics like a pretty painting project or a cookie baking contest.
“one time we were bored so we–”
–don’t have that memory.

I know you, but I don’t.
I know you, but I won’t
ever experience what you would do in such situations.
what excuses we would make if…
anything ever went wrong.
it would bring us closer,
but I guess we’ll just get along
with everything “as planned.”
when I feel us talking,
and i know an hour is the end.
“i think it’s about that time,” you say.
but why?
I pray
for that second where we take plans astray.
where we both feel a desire to go another way.
its sudden but we do it and make everything different. we take a new turn in the matter of an instant. we don’t know what we’re doing but we do it anyway. we keep going, not thinking, then time gets away…
and slowly it ends. we don’t want it to go but we keep it as a memory so always we’ll know.
“that time we did this…”
and we remember and we laugh
but truth is, I wish.

I wish we could have…
a thousand moments like those.


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