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I don’t like you because you’re perfect.
You have issues with commitment
and being consistent.
And staying true, although I know you
Want a family one day.
But we’re only getting older babe.
And you’ll find yourself alone,
if you keep living that way.

But I don’t like you because you’re perfect.
You have this thing where you beat yourself down
and it stresses you out.
Because you get so self-critical; you want to do everything exactly right. You like to make things flawless and amazing. Beautiful and and breathtaking, and all that’s nice.
But homie, that’s not life.
And it’s not fair to you.
Because no one else
makes you feel so shameful about yourself.
It makes you worry and feel unworthy and self-conscious.
Which is stupid, to be honest.
Because I’m sayin, just work hard and pray
and keep doin you, always.
Because God got us, right?
Then we gon’ be alright.

But I already know you’re not perfect.
I know you’re shy and insecure,
And indecisive and unsure,
at times.IMG_2777
But I also know you love me and I care for you.
I know you won’t abandon me,
and I’ll be there for you.
Yeah, I know you a lil’ basic.
But you also know I’m crazy.
And somehow, you really like it.
And I don’t want you to be alone.
I want you to have someone to comfort you and challenge you,
to support you or to laugh at you…
I want you to take me as your own.
Because although I know we’re not perfect, I’m just sayin—we’d be worth it.

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