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Keeping It Interesting

Some of my baby students are amazingly fast learners. They are brilliant and it’s incredible to see such young children learning so much. Others, however, baffle me with how brilliant they are not… I seriously don’t understand how they can be that slow. I don’t say this to be humorous at all though. I have a genuine concern for them, because I have noticed that my most incapable students also tend to be the most spoiled brats.

They have the parents who don’t spend time with them doing homework, and they let them hide behind them and do as they please. They are two feet tall and they dominate with ease. It surprises no one that they never learn anything harder than tossing a ball.

Instead of commenting on the fact that their children are having trouble progressing, they make comments on the fact that their children seem disinterested when I start teaching vocabulary. I used to try hard and struggle to get those students to repeat and memorize and learn, but I realized I was making my life harder than it had to be. So I simple started playing games that mainly require the vocabulary cards to build towers. It was great for me, and the children loved it. And although the parents spend thousands of cash mone¥¥¥¥s on these classes, they still prefer it too.

Generally speaking, I think I have improved. I am still better at teaching some classes than others (imaginably), but I’ve been working hard to not make the weekly lives of my students miserable. in some classes, I think I have gotten better. I used to find some of my classes incredibly boring. I would get so sleepy sometimes. I would nod off during the breaks between classes and drown myself in caffeine to stay alive.

One time, one of my 3 year-old students took so long to arrange a letter into an alphabet puzzle that I had trouble staying awake. He had finished placing the piece only to find that his grandmother and I were in a cozy semi-consciousness. The look on his face after he finally turned that K right-side-up was so unforgettable though. It was a stone cold: are you kidding me? Tell me you’re not sleeping right now as I’m trying to arrange all these letters. It was a sort of death glare from a rosy-cheeked piglet, and it took everything in me to keep from laughing and jolting the snoozing grandmother. “Great job, Haru!” I smiled. “Now let’s try ‘L,'” and we continued our puzzle.

Keeping It Interesting Cont’d

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