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A Grocery Challenge (1 Year in Japan)

In college, I had no car so I usually brought a small suitcase to travel with my groceries through the DC metropolitan transportation system. I usually ended up sore the next day. It was actually a very rough experience, but now I have challenges of a different sort.

I have no idea what to buy. One time, I bought a meat that I thought was bacon–it wasn’t.

IMG_1973Mentally, I go to the grocery store pretty prepared. It’s simple: I need food, and I want to buy it. But after a couple steps in, I feel the overwhelming reality of it all. I can’t understand a thing, and I don’t know what 85% of the stuff even is.

I love my family and friends all very much, and I miss them all dearly. I’m even convinced I saw a Japanese girl who looks exactly like my Aunt (maybe she did really look like her or maybe it was all in my head), but I find that I never miss my best friend more than when I’m utterly confused at the grocery store… alone.

My greatest accomplishment, though, is currently sitting in my refrigerator. I made myself a bowl of cereal today. It might be my favorite snack… and lunch, and dinner, and breakfast. But when I poured my milk, it was brown. Aww man! I got chocolate milk. I thought. Oh well, that’s not too bad for cereal. But then I tasted it and re-read the carton with my child-like Japanese.

I think I bought some kind of coffee, not milk. But I guess I’ll drink it anyway. I’m not going back to the grocery store.

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