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Comfort in His Mane


“I am here for you,”
I cry out to you.
But you don’t understand me.
To you my words are like a roar–
Loud but incomprehensible.
You shiver in fear at their intensity and passion,
and you misinterpret the depth of my Truth.
But you have yet to realize
that I am the lion on your side.
Be not afraid of me,
but you can find your strength in me.
For when you tremble,
I will not fall.
I will help you through it all, your very obstacle.
Find me;
I will comfort you.
Let my love conform you to
my Truth,
that I will never leave you.
Hide in me;
confide in me.
Let the comfort of my mane
erase your pain.
Forget your troubles.
Become lost in me;
come find my peace.
I’m crying out to you,
“I am here for you.”

Love forwords.

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